Scan & Store

Do you want to save your storage space without destroying your files?

Learn about Scan & Store from PrintPoint.

How can PrintPoint help in this?

PrintPoint is taking the Scan 2 File service to a higher level with the creation of Scan & Store. So, invest in the purchase of storage space that can keep your files safe and prevent them from being destroyed, while at the same time you can have them in electronic format (PDF).

Who uses the service Scan & Store?

Are you facing a file storage problem but is essential for you not to lose the original files?

Then you may need this service.

This service is new, and for that reason we have not a large clientele to clearly respond to this question.

Interest for the above service was mainly expressed by:



Private Institutes

Business Consultants

Travel agencies

Shipping companies


Scan 2 File

Is Scan 2 File suitable for me?

This service can be useful in the following situations:

When you need to store files or documents just for security purposes (Backup).

When you need to send files or documents in electronic PDF format.

When your files use too much storage space on your site.

Scan 2 File is a service which saves storage space or storage copies of important information for you. You can now scan your documents and save them on your computer on electronic form (PDF).

Which files can I store using Scan 2 File?

You can store any files and documents you want. Usually customers choose Scan 2 File the following files / documents:





Customer records