Frequently Asked Questions


What is digital printing?

The technology continues to evolve and now digital printing becomes more and more popular, its use gets easier and the prices more affordable. It mainly concerns the production of numerous printed forms to be printed directly from the computer to the professional laser printer. The time saved by the digital printing is quite significant and the results even more satisfactory compared to printing using the traditional method.

What is offset printing?

It is also known as letterpress printing done on film, zinc, in special high volume machines and executed by trained personnel.

When to choose digital printing?

When our working patterns require rapid and specific moves, while the quantity needed is small (conferences, presentations, etc.) then digital printing can serve directly as the production is done automatically by the file data to the printing unit. There is also the possibility to make changes in the text even just before printing if necessary.

When to choose offset printing?

Where production requires large quantities but also specific color returns, then offset printing is required. Although digital printing now serves wide range of special papers, specific cases can only be served with offset printing.

Is digital printing as qualitative as offset printing?

Certainly there are people wondering if digital printing can produce the same quality results as traditional methods (offset printing). However, thanks to the technological advances, digital printing can print photos as bright and brilliant as the traditional way. Digital printing can resist time wear similarly to offset printing.

What are the differences between a digital printed form and an offset printed form?

There are some differences in the final product in terms of digital printing compared to traditional methods. For example, digital printing does not often provide the textured effect as is normally visible when using the offset printing process. However, it allows the digital print of images in vivid colors which are printed better than the ones printed using the traditional method.

Should I print more forms than needed?

We should not print more forms than what we need just for storage purposes, changes in data etc. Now we can choose between digital and offset printing, which consequently allows us to have costs based on the number of forms we need.